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The best AC repair company in the Tyler area is JRO mechanical. JRO has over twenty years’ experience taking care of AC breakdowns in Tyler and East Texas. When you need AC repair, or AC installation, or HVAC repair, make sure you hire an experienced team that you can trust. We can fix any cooling issue or heating issue; big, small, new, or old we will get your home temperature comfortable again in no time.

Residential Air Conditioning Repair in East Texas

If you have to repair your air conditioner, there are some things you should know. Air conditioners break down due to various reason – it could be poor lubrication, leaks, dust, age, electrical issues, general wear, and tear, or faulty installation. If you have an emergency and need your system repaired immediately, give Tyler’s best AC repair experts a call and we’ll work to fix it as quickly as possible. Our air conditioning repair technicians are trained to understand your home’s heating and cooling systems, no matter what model or make. We have HVAC technicians available to serve you 24/7 with our emergency AC repair service. We not only make sure your air conditioning system is up and running again, but we help to stabilize and clean the air conditioner so it achieves maximum performance.

Remember we never charge extra for nights, weekends, or holidays so don’t hesitate to call whenever you need us. We will be right there!


AC Repairs and Installations

We regularly repair AC Units that other AC/HVAC contractors have given up on. You can trust JRO mechanical for your AC repair and AC installation needs. We will do everything possible to save your old unit and can explain the benefits of newer technology without sounding like a NASA scientist. Sometimes replacing your Air Conditioning Unit can end up saving you money in the long run.


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Do I really need a new AC unit? A second opinion on AC repair or replacement!

If you are looking for a NEW AIR CONDITIONING Unit, the first step is to make sure you really need to replace your AC system. A lot of people are told or assume they need to replace their current AC system, but it may not always be the case. Make sure you check to see if replacing your current system is really your best option before you spend thousands of dollars.

If you do need an AC system replacement, we have the highest level of trained installers in East Texas and all of our employees are Certified. We have extensive product training to ensure we match you with the right system for your home, at the most competitive price. We always do a full analysis to make sure you are saving every penny both on your electric bills and on your new AC Unit investment.

Not all units are built equal or even work the same way. If you install an over sized unit, your home will not be dehumidified and black mold could grow easily. On the other hand, if you choose an AC Unit that is too small, it won’t be able to cool your home efficiently and will be overworked which can greatly shorten its life. Our experts make sure you don’t experience such problems by doing a full heat load calculation based on not only the size of your cooled area but also things you may not consider like how much shade your home gets during crucial times of the day.

As for our installation, we have the best AC and HVAC installers in Tyler on our team and we never cut corners. Your AC system is the most expensive appliance you have and we want to make sure it lasts as long as possible while being the most efficient AC unit it can be. That’s why all of our new AC Systems come with a warranty and our satisfaction guarantee.

We are local. We live here, we work here, we raise our families here. We care.

Samsung AC Units Tyler

JRO Mechanical is the only authorized dealer of Samsung’s latest AC units and the best Samsung repair choice in East Texas

Samsung Digital Inverter Compressors now come with 10-Year Warranty

The warranty is our customer promise that Samsung premium products are designed to last. We continue to innovate with our technology, which has led us to manufacture our own compressors. Our world-class technology perfectly blends energy efficiency with outstanding performance for a truly superior product. We are proud to offer this exclusive ten-year guarantee, which is one of the first in the industry.

This pursuit of superior performance has led Samsung to use technology in innovative ways to create enhanced products while also lowering the potential impact on the environment. It’s Digital Inverter technology manages energy consumption levels while maintaining the desired temperature. The Digital Invertor Compressor works in a smart environment by controlling the speed of operation, based on the unit demand. This, in turn, reduces electrical loads, thus reducing operational costs.

Unlike non-inverter air conditioners, Samsung’s range comes with Smart Inverter technology, which maintains the ideal temperature without constantly shutting the compressor off and on. This reduces electricity usage and brings down costs. The Samsung Smart Inverter automatically adjusts power to cope with any variances in temperature fluctuations for optimal comfort. The range has an A+ Energy Efficiency Rating as well as single user mode to reduce capacity and two-step cooling when needed.

JRO Mechanical sells and installs Samsung HVAC Light Commercial Systems as well as providing you with the best residential solutions to your HVAC and Air Conditioning needs.

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